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" Stories of Transformative Leadership in the Human Services is a long-overdue book — as a manager, consultant, and doctoral candidate, thank you! " — E. Speck, Doctoral Candidate, Fielding Graduate University

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LTG's latest book is a SAGE Bestseller!

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Book Tour Underway

The authors are organizing a unique book tour where they will read from their work and answer questions about leaders' struggles with self-care. As part of the tour, they are offering a series of workshops highlighting the main themes of their work:

"If the work is sacred, then so are you."
"Do unto yourself as you seek to do unto others."

If you, your agency, or a group of friends or colleagues would like to organize a workshop with Dr. Burghardt and Dr. Tolliver, please contact Liz Laboy at

Hop On The Book Tour

Follow the tour on our blog and if you haven't yet, fill out the form below to download an exerpt of the book and sign up to receive email notifications of tour dates and events.

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Video Conversations

Liz Laboy asks Burghardt what is the "Commitment to Being" they talk about in their book. Watch the video on LTG's YouTube Channel, leave a comment, ask a question on the blog.

Stories of Transformative Leadership in Human Services:
Why the Glass is Always Full

By Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver

This latest book by LTG partners Steve Burghardt and Willie Tolliver speaks to human service professionals who want to recapture, renew, and recreate the commitment and passion that brought them to this heartfelt work.

Using in-depth case studies that make community building and organization theories come alive , the authors provide leadership lessons drawn from the lives of not only well-known executives but everyday people, including cooks, secretaries, and inventory specialists. Weaving these lessons into a framework of "lifework" that inspires the reader into re-committing to your highest intentions, their book brings alive how to handle tensions on the job, turn diversity into an asset, and motivate others without bonuses.

An overview of the key chapters of the book:

  • Part One: The Depletion of Value
  • Part Two: Creating Abundance
  • Part Three: A Leadership Model of Personal & Organizational Transformation
  • Part Four: Activities & Practices to Keep the Glass Full

By its completion, you will see how your active commitment to your lifelong learning is the key to creating a culture of openness and innovation in your organization...whether experienced executive or new, front-line hire.

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