Since we began our business in 1994, Leadership Transformation Group (LTG) is known for our unique ability to re-ignite people's passion for their work they do while transforming their organizations from places of discontent to sources of inspiration. We train, consult, coach and facilitate with targeted stakeholders, whether they be executives, front line staff, school principals or parents, to re-discover the passion that brought them to their work and give meaning to their lives.

Due to our unique ability to respond to the diversity of today's workplace, LTG's trainings have consistently been evaluated as the best in the history of the organizations with which we've worked. Our consultations and facilitations on leadership and organizational development, diversity interventions and strategic planning have met with consistent affirmation. We are proud of what we have done and the results we have achieved.

However, what sets our story apart is not that we have succeeded — but that we almost failed. The truth is that our business almost collapsed as we were driven apart by racial tensions, conflicting models of leadership and a basic inability to get along.

The integrity, passion and commitment our clients say we bring to our work, and our respect for clients' struggles and internal challenges, arise from our own story of near-failure. As we describe in "The Five Rules of Engagement," we confronted the very problems our clients ask us to address:

  • Racial tensions between partners
  • A lack of teamwork and an unwillingness to "share the load"
  • Different levels of commitment to the work
  • Miscommunication, gossip, and power struggles
  • Conflicting leadership styles
  • A lack of personal self-care and imbalance between work and "self"
  • Poor morale, unresolved anger, and a desire to quit the work

How we resolved these tensions and transformed our company and ourselves is the basis of all that we do. Looking back, we see that we always had the skills and knowledge to do good work. What we needed to develop, both individually and as a team, was the willingness to transform ourselves as we grappled with issues of power, control, race and personal well-being.

The fact that today both our staff and the consultants and trainers who have joined LTG work so well in many different kinds of organizations stems from our own humble awareness that profound change is very hard — and well worth the effort.

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