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Willie Tolliver has spent decades developing his model of transformative leadership and spiritual well-being for countless groups and individuals across the country. A graduate of Florida A & M University, with a master's degree from Columbia University and a doctorate from the City University of New York, Dr. Tolliver focuses his efforts on personal awakening and personal mastery as the keys to organizational transformation, whether in public schools, corporate board rooms, or other organizations committed to long term excellence.

Ms. Elizabeth Laboy comes to LTG as the former Director of AT&T and NYNEX's Middle Management Assessment Center. One of NYNEX's first Latina female executives, she is the former Director of their Multi-Lingual Residence Marketing Organization where she was responsible for spotting talent and developing leadership and managerial skills.

Steve Burghardt is also a professor at Hunter College School for Social Work with a specialty in organizational change, neighborhood-based collaborations, and leadership development. The is the author of six books and numerous articles on community change, the welfare crisis and its impact on social work programs, and leadership. He is a consultant on diversity initiatives, team-building, staff development and is a coach to executives.

Edward Laboy spent most of his career in the corporate world. He has owned businesses in Puerto Rico and in St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Before becoming a partner at LTG Mr. Laboy was an account manager at NYNEX. One of his successful accounts was the design of multiple use computer and technological systems for New York City's Board of Education. Mr. Laboy is a graduate of Fordham University and holds a master's degree from the New School. Formerly a research fellow from Harvard University, his research on telecommunications was published through the Harvard University Press.

Trainers and Facilitators

John W. Aldrich
John has over 30 years of experience in organization, leadership, management education, training and development. He is an executive coach, a trainer, facilitator and a curriculum developer for executives, and designs train-the-trainer processes and delivery systems. John's clients include all levels of employees in the public and private sectors here and abroad. He is a past president of the New York Chapter of the American Society for Training and Development, a former member of its National Board of Directors and an Associate Member of the American Psychological Association.

Ade W. Faison
Ade joined the staff of Youth at Risk in 1994 as Director of Programs, and currently serves as the Director of Sales and Training. In addition to designing and leading courses for youth and adult participants, he is a member of the faculty of the Leadership Training Academy for Global Partners for Youth, an international organization of Youth At Risk cities. He is a founding member of the Partnership Dialogue, which specializes in facilitating conversations for partnership with diverse groups. For twenty-five years, Ade worked on staff at the National Black Theatre as a performer, workshop leader and program director. In the early eighties, he trained candidates and staff for the Peace Corps.

Liz Fernandez
Liz Fernandez, a bilingual Latina originally from the Dominican Republic, has worked with corporate clients, non-profit organizations, schools, individuals and law enforcement agencies as a consultant on race relations and workforce diversity. She also serves as the administrator for the Job Fair to Promote Diversity sponsored by the New York State Association of Independent Schools, which is held annually in New York City. She has been a facilitator with the Anti-Defamation League's A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE(R) Institute for the past seven years, and is trained to work with law enforcement agencies and within the corporate workplace, in addition to early childhood programs, schools, colleges and universities.

Gloria E. Fontanez
Gloria is an experienced coordinator, leader, facilitator and trainer able to influence and persuade through motivational strategies and communication skills. She is also a highly skilled public speaker, supervisor, instructor, coach and mentor as well as a community organizer with demonstrated ability in identifying leaders, building consensus and creating extensive networks and successful collaborations. Gloria has been recognized for her work with the Latino community and has received a Merit Award for her work on the planning council of New York City HIV/AIDS Commissioned by the Mayor's Office for building coalitions of organizations and consumer advisory boards to keep the planning council informed on critical issues.

Please read a poem she wrote called Hesitation, dedicated to children abused and neglected, born and unborn.

Hannah K. Fox and the Big Apple Playback Theatre
Hannah is a professor of dance and theater at Manhattanville College. She is also artistic director of the Big Apple Playback Theatre, a spontaneous theatre based on stories told by audience members. The objective of Playback Theatre is three-fold: To invite dialogue, to build community and to create compelling theatre. On the cusp between art and social change, Big Apple Playback Theatre provides the opportunity for participants to share their life stories, which are cast and then enacted by a team of actors/dancers and musicians.

William P. McKeithan III
William is currently a Program Director at Community Lantern an independent living/supportive housing facility for Graham-Windham a Child Welfare Agency. Among his many responsibilities are managing a community-based program in compliance with the Administration for Children's Services, NYDSS and agency guidelines. He also manages project development, programs and operations, and designs and develops new programs. William provides continuous staff training including the development of in-house workshops. An inter-care therapist, he facilitates and trains on substance abuse in out patient settings, on recovery tools, and on cultural focus and relapse prevention.

Tanya M. Odom
Tanya is an experienced national and international facilitator, trainer, teacher and speaker. She has conducted hundreds of workshops around the United States and Europe on such topics as diversity, work/life balance, youth engagement, conflict resolution, leadership and team building and multicultural education. She helps companies address diversity issues and create sustainable change in organizations. In addition to trainings, Tanya conducts organizational assessments, and works with organizations on such issues as team building and attracting and retaining top talent. She has been involved in the European Union's projects focusing on bias, discrimination bigotry and tolerance, facilitating diversity workshops for adults and youth in 8 countries. She is a member of the Bertelsmann Foundation's International Tolerance Network where she works with theorists, academicians and practitioners from around the world on issues of tolerance and anti-bias research, programming and training.

Robert J. Perry
Robert has an extensive background in managing change, organizational development, quality management and organizational restructuring. He has worked with a wide variety of businesses and large non-profit organizations. Bob is a Zenger Miller - Achieve Global -- certified facilitator and has twenty four years of management and consultant experience. In his capacity as a management consultant, he has trained hundreds of managers - including at AT&T, IBM and Bear Stearns -- and facilitated over one hundred Quality Improvement initiatives or projects. Bob is the author of Executive Journal Plus, a journal that develops creative new ways for executives to focus on the complexity of human behavior and its impact on systems performance, organizational culture and leadership.

Deborah Sanders
Deborah, a work facilitator for the Leadership Transformation Group, conducts 10-day workshops on staff development, providing techniques for time management, delegation, managing professional relationships and other management challenges. She is also an adjunct professor at Lehman College where she teaches the fundamentals of economics, the principles of business management, and designs lesson plans, exams and group projects. Deborah is also a Columbia Women in Business board member, and a member of the NYPACE, Columbia Alumni, and the Venture committees.

Jacqueline Snape
Jacqueline has been a trainer with LTG for 3 years. She is an attorney licensed in the state of New York specializing in real estate matters. In addition, as a former administrator in the non-profit sector, Jacqueline brings her experience in finance and administration to her training sessions.

Lorraine Warren
Lorraine is a consultant, facilitator, trainer-of-trainers and curriculum developer with over a decade of experience. She has worked with a wide range of groups nationally and internationally, and specializes in cross-cultural competency and conflict resolution. Some of her most recent assignments have taken her to the nations of Turkey and Indonesia, and she has worked with children from Iraq visiting the United States. Lorraine specializes in working with resistant groups, challenging participants to stand by their commitments while maintaining respect and dignity. Her experience includes several years as an administrator in higher educational institutions such as The Johns Hopkins University; The Julliard School; Washington University in St. Louis; and Florida State University. Ms. Warren is also a certified Open Space Technology facilitator/trainer.

Gay D. Watson
Gay has been a consultant, trainer and facilitator for the Leadership Transformation Group, LLC for the past nine years, working with both individuals and teams. She has worked in private and public organizations doing workshops in customer service, life coping skills, time management, delegation, leadership skills, cultural diversity, conflict resolution and communication skills. Gay has extensive experience in designing and implementing adult training workshops.

Antonio M. Young
Antonio is a trainer and facilitator with over 10 years of experience working with LTG. His expertise is in organizational and leadership development for non-profit and governmental organizations. He assists organizations in developing high-performance work environments and cultures through strengthening their diverse workforce and through staff development and training at all organizational levels. He also is an expert in quality management, building sustainable organizations, strategic planning and marketing, and succession planning. He is an adjunct assistant professor at Hunter College School of Social Work of the City University of New York and teaches social administration and management of human service organizations, as well as grant/proposal writing.

Curriculum Writers and Trainers

Clarice Bailey
Clarice brings more than 30 years of classroom experience as a teacher, trainer, professor and program administrator. She has been committed to community service throughout her career, especially in the areas of juvenile justice, youth conflict resolution, partner violence and conflict, anti-oppression work, peace studies and organizational transformation. She serves a variety of public non profit organizations as an independent consultant. Her present work spans the cultural arts community, marginalized youth advocacy groups, and state human services training agencies. Clarice served as a senior member of the Casey Strategic Consulting Group of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, where she supported state and local governments (Louisiana, Kentucky, Georgia, and New Jersey) through intensive interventions focusing on organization change and transformation, staff development and learning. Prior to the Casey Foundation, Clarice served as Deputy Assistant Director in the Department of Human Services, Continuous System Improvement Group for the State of Oregon and was part of a team which provided internal consulting, CQI and staff training.

Robyn Hatcher
Robyn has taught presentation and communication skills for over eleven years to thousands of adult learners. An adjunct professor at Baruch College, she has been a presentation skills instructor for the New York Public Library staff, the New York City Parks Department and Deloitte & Touche, among others. In addition to her work with Leadership Transformation Group, Robyn owns SpeakEasy Communications and is a consultant with CompElle Communications, where she runs speaker training and media training groups. For New York City's Small Business Solutions, Robyn recently worked with a team to design and deliver customer service training for bank tellers. She also does work with Performance Plus, a management training and employee development program whose clients include Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, Wachovia and Bronx Lebanon Hospital. Robyn is a member of ASTD NY, has served on the executive boards of several organizations and is an appointed member of Manhattan Community Board 5.

Linda Drummond Johnson
Linda joined the LTG team in 1997 and provides management training and support for child welfare organizations, among others. She has been a trainer/consultant since the early 1980's for a variety of private, non-profit, community-based, educational and social service organizations. Linda has directed a training program for homeless women, and has trained and taught at City University of New York, Bank Street College of Education's Substance Abuse Education programs, SUNY Dept. of Social Services, the MTA's Prep program for women and minority entrepreneurs and many other educational outlets.

Scott A. Klein
Scott is the founder of the independent consulting firm Hudson Horizon Consulting, LLC, which provides organizational and alignment/strategic planning, leadership development solutions, succession planning, performance management systems and change management. Scott has fifteen years of experience designing, upgrading and implementing comprehensive talent management and leadership development systems as well as offering a full spectrum of support skills including needs assessments, curriculum development, workshop and offsite facilitation. He also has a broad background in the retail, marketing, internet, social services and professional services sectors.

Beth B. Rosenthal
Beth is a social entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience as a consultant to nonprofit organizations, networks and government agencies. Her firm, Collaboration and Change, LLC, designs and manages change efforts, conducts applied research, builds successful collaborations and improves organizational capacity. Beth has created interactive, experiential workshops, training series and manuals for national and local organizations and distance learners on a range of topics including leadership, coalition building, advocacy, community organizing and nonprofit management skills. Previously, Beth was charter Executive Director of the Washington Heights-Inwood Coalition, a multi-service agency in a diverse, low-income community in Manhattan. She regularly publishes articles, workbooks and studies, and is currently on the faculty at the NYU Wagner School of Public Service and at Hunter School of Social Work in New York City.

William T. Vericker
William is a curriculum and development specialist in workplace learning. William has more than 30 years of experience in all phases of corporate and technical education. His clients have included leaders in the fields of insurance, health care, governmental agencies and small to medium-size entrepreneurial firms. He is an adjunct assistant professor at Manhattan College, where he teaches business writing. He is also a professor at Monroe College, where he has been at the forefront of both business and liberal arts education as well as a developer of on-line courses.

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