How well have our programs worked?

A few case examples tell the story:

New York City Children's Services

LTG has done management and leadership development in New York City's child welfare system.

Division of Youth and Family Justice

In 2012, LTG created a direct care training program for staff working inside the facilities of NYCCS's Division of Youth and Family Justice (DYFJ). The training combined, a trauma-informed mix of content on self -care, staff and youth communications, and cultural awareness to support direct care staff to effectively work with the young men and women cared for by DYFJ.

Division of Family Support Services

LTG facilitated a dynamic training program for supervisors in the Division of Family Support Services (FSS), as the division underwent significant changes in its operation structure. The training focused on management and leadership skills needed to maintain team morale and performance in times of change and transition.

NYC Citywide Administrative Services

LTG has secured a contract to produce Workplace Effectiveness courses for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) for training from 2012- through 2016. We have delivered trainings on "Delegation and Time Management", "Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout" and "Dealing with Difficult People". There will be other classes on communications and cultural awareness in the coming months.

LTG Partners Dr. Steve Burghardt and Dr. Willie Tolliver will present 2 workshops at the DCAS EXPO in September 2012.

New York City Department of Homeless Services

LTG partnered with the Department of Homeless Services (DHS) to prepare a customized leadership training program complete with executive coaching. The customized training focused executive skills for system improvement.

Tennessee Department of Children Services

Working with Fred Simmens of Casey Family Programs (CFP) and the Philadelphia-based Center for Applied Research (CFAR), LTG has begun an innovative, project-based leadership program with Tennessee's Department of Children's Services (DCS).

Philadelphia's Department of Human Services

LTG, with the support of Casey Family Programs, is currently assisting Philadelphia's Department of Human Services, the agency overseeing the city's child welfare system, develop training and support for its child welfare supervisors.

Indiana Department of Child Services

LTG, through the support of Casey Family Programs, is assisting the Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) in strengthening and customizing staff development and training for child welfare managers from multiple levels. DCS has recently experienced a rapid and extensive transformation to a new, independent agency.

Camden Public School District

LTG began working in Camden, New Jersey's Public School District in 2007. At their request we are facilitating a whole school transformation at Camden High School. In January, 2008, LTG helped to facilitate all administrators, teachers, students, and parents to identify their most pressing needs.

Episcopal Social Services

LTG prides itself in its commitment and innovative work with a wide range of not-for-profit agencies. Episcopal Social Services (ESS) is a large multi-service agency serving the needs of disadvantaged children and families in New York City.

Linda Gibbs

LTG has gained a reputation based on knowledge, discretion, and commitment. Executives call upon us to coach them on their most pressing issues: deciding which of the worthy senior staff to promote; major funding issues; handling the balance of a demanding day and a desire for a meaningful personal life.

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