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I am proud and honored to have been a consultant, trainer and coach for Leadership Transformation Group over the past 5 years. ..Participants leave trainings feeling informed and re-committed. LTG's dedication to empowering both the leaders and workers of so many of our essential government agencies is unparalleled...

I am also impressed that the partners at LTG are continually working both on their personal growth and on exploring ways to incorporate cutting edge modalities into their programs. Leadership Transformation Group - that's what they do and that's who they are.

Robyn Hatcher LTG Trainer, Consultant and Entrepreneur, Robyn Hatcher, Owner, SpeakEtc.

Programs, Services and Tools

LTG offers a range of services in management and leadership development, facilitating conversation and dialogue, one-on-one executive coaching, and research and evaluation. All of LTG's trainings and consultations are customized to meet the needs of leaders and organizational teams from across the government, not-for-profit, and corporate sectors. At the heart of these programs is LTG's commitment to helping individuals and teams renew and restore the passion for the work they do.

Signature Management Training Program

LTG's approach to management training focuses not just on skills development, but on personal and organizational transformation. From its Signature Management Training to Supervision for Excellence and trainings on budgeting, LTG offers customized training that is focused on outcomes and designed to tap the hidden potential within all organizational levels from executives to mid level managers to front line staff.

Leadership Training: Leadership from Within

LTG firmly believes that the potential for leadership exists at all levels of an organization. Through the Leadership Academy and Leadership for Excellence training, LTG's approach to leadership development focuses not only on concrete skills, but on cultivating work environments that promote self-reflection, shared learning, and personal growth.

Executive Training and Coaching

High-powered executives with multiple demands have few outlets to reflect upon and think through their most important issues. LTG's Executive Briefing and Executive Coaching programs address the unique needs of top leaders from a range of service sectors.

Tools for Conversation

Using innovative strategies such as Open Space™ Technology, World Café, Circle Meetings, and Pro Action Café, LTG offers a range of programs and services to help groups, communities and organizations cultivate the art of genuine conversation. Whether it is responding to an immediate crisis, promoting intercultural dialogues, developing a culture of curiosity, strategic planning and goal setting, or team building, LTG can help you create the necessary skills to dialogue with one another in new and refreshing ways.

Renewal and Healing

Dedicated people are at their workplaces almost more than they are anywhere else during their waking hours. You and those around you at work sometimes need more than good coaching or a new management skill. Sometimes you need a retreat in which to renew your body, mind, and spirit and to restore the motivation that brought you to the work you do. LTG is committed to creating a restorative space through all of its facilitations and trainings.

Engagement Skills

LTG can offer customized training to help your staff develop creative ways to engage with the clients they serve. Whether you are working with foster parents or adolescents in the juvenile justice system, LTG's unique approach to engagement helps staff not only better connect with their clients, but also with each other.

Research and Evaluation

Improving and fine tuning the work we do needs sound evaluation strategies. Whether you are a government agency or small not for profit, LTG is available to conduct evaluation research on your program and practice innovations.

LTG will customize training and consultations that meet the unique needs of your organization while providing the skill set you require for the results you need.

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