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Courier-Post: NJ HS Faculty Impressed

01/21/08 – Marilyn Segars Jamal, a veteran city educator, took the mic at the front of the Camden High auditorium and told one student to take off his hat, kicked out another student for talking and announced to the school that she was the new acting principal. "I promise you, you will achieve success," Jamal said, tearing up. "My tears aren't for fear, my tears are because I'm ready to rise. Are you?"

Fresh paint is now covering some of the graffiti and outside consultants (LTG) are running professional development sessions.
[full article by Matt Katz]

The Budgeting Process

More Gain, Less Pain

Leaders are always making tough decisions about priorities and resource allocation. It's a fact of life in both the for profit and not-for-profit worlds. Our Budgeting training helps experienced and new managers:

  • Understand reports and financial accountability
  • Maximize resources
  • Plan budgets
  • Negotiate financial requests

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