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LTG transformed my view of an organization's use of a consulting firm. Instead of mechanistic technical assistance, LTG worked with our Division as compassionate, intelligent experts. LTG staffs insert a common sense, human perspective in their trainings and consultations in ways that resonate with staff at all levels. In this way we were able to build needed bridges of communication throughout the Division.

Of the many strategies invoked by the agency to better serve youth who are remanded into detention, our partnership with LTG is a flag ship initiative to bring positive reformative transformation to juvenile detention in New York City.

Oliver Pu_Folkes Oliver Pu-Folkes, Associate Commissioner, Department of Youth and Family Justice, ACS NYC

Engagement Skills

LTG can offer customized training to help your staff develop creative ways to engage with the clients they serve. LTG's unique approach to engagement helps staff not only better connect with their clients, but also with each other. Here are several examples.

Parent Leadership Training

Our six (6) session Parent Leadership training curriculum is designed to increase parent effectiveness in working with school faculty and staff. As a result of this training parents will communicate effectively at meetings, learn skills for problem identification and solving, and they will learn how to handle conflict.

Parent Leadership Training will create an experience of growth and learning that permits parents to achieve desired outcomes both personally and professionally.

In addition, participants will receive a copy of a booklet by Shirley Pierantoni-Pineiro's entitled "Helping Our Children Reach Their Full potential."

Juvenile Justice and Working with Adolescents

LTG's curriculum is designed to challenge staff to let go of assumptions and past experiences so that they can demonstrate respect and opennesstowards the adolescents they serve. In turn, staffs will learn how to assist adolescents in giving up past notions so that they can develop fully.

The training includes team building exercises, mediation and conflict resolution, understanding trauma, and reflective practice. Participants will learn how to create circle practice for adolescents so they can experience the communication and healing they need.

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