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NYC Citywide Administrative Services

LTG has secured a contract to produce Workplace Effectiveness courses for the NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) for training from 2012 through 2016.

We have delivered trainings focused on "Delegation and Time Management", "Managing Stress and Preventing Burnout", and "Dealing with Difficult People". There will be other classes on communications and cultural awareness in the months ahead. Read more »

Leadership Training

LTG's approach to leadership development focuses not only on concrete skills, but on cultivating work environments that promote self-reflection, shared learning, and personal growth. LTG firmly believes that the potential for leadership exists at all levels of an organization.

Leadership for Excellence

This 10 week training for managers supports the re-discovery of what leadership is and how becoming more effective leaders will empower their daily work, their work environment and their personal life. The training is meant to challenge the leaders to help their staff grow even further in their practice of social work, regardless if they are a direct service provider, a leader, a manager, work with technology or an administrative person. LTG has used this training with leaders in Tennessee's Department of Children's Services with great success.

Leadership Academy

This program helps mid-level managers become better leaders by exploring the difference between coercive power-based leadership and reflective leadership.

Participants engage in a highly interactive leadership model that integrates personal characteristics, strategic thinking skills, abilities to influence others, and the principles of leading change. The academy stretches the participant's view of leadership, their techniques of influence and their role in the organization so that they can be innovators and trend setters in their organizations.

Participants report being more self-reflective about their practice, better able to engage with those they supervise and their leaders, more connected with their peers, and more aware of the larger systems through which they work.

Pre Leadership Academy Training

This 5-session training is for new managers and supervisors being considered for promotion to management before they attend the Leadership Academy. The goals of this training are to have participants move from self to outward awareness and develop skills in building communities of practice.

Participants will explore how relationships and communication are important to every aspect of their work; theories of change and transition; taking on leadership roles; team building, and providing quality supervision. LTG will customize the curriculum to meet the specific objectives of your program and division.

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