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ACS Leadership Academy

The NYC Administration for Children's Services believes that, by creating the opportunity for its mid-level leadership to deepen their relationships and understanding of the child welfare system, children and families will be safer and better served.

To that end, in early 2006 after an extensive data gathering process, ACS, in collaboration with LTG and NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, developed a leadership academy.

Working with New York University's Wagner School, LTG has taken the lead in developing, producing and training with a Leadership Academy curriculum that has been seen as second-to-none in the nation.

Leadership Academy

This program helps mid-level managers become better leaders by exploring the difference between coercive power-based leadership and reflective leadership.

Participants engage in a highly interactive leadership model that includes personal characteristics, strategic thinking skills, abilities in influencing others and the principles of leading change. The academy stretches the participant's view of leadership, their techniques of influence and their role in the organization.

Learners report being more self-reflective about their practice, better able to engage with those they supervise and their leaders, and more aware of the larger systems through which they work.

Participants in The Leadership Academy stated that this experience contributed substantially to their development and empowerment, their skill development and their staff's development. It facilitated interpersonal relationships, connectedness with peers, shared learning, and networking, and it helped participants to grow, change, and become innovators and trend setters.

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