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Courier-Post: NJ HS Faculty Impressed

01/21/08 – Marilyn Segars Jamal, a veteran city educator, took the mic at the front of the Camden High auditorium and told one student to take off his hat, kicked out another student for talking and announced to the school that she was the new acting principal. "I promise you, you will achieve success," Jamal said, tearing up. "My tears aren't for fear, my tears are because I'm ready to rise. Are you?"

Fresh paint is now covering some of the graffiti and outside consultants (LTG) are running professional development sessions.
[full article by Matt Katz]


When a teacher or caseworker works with a child whom she knows has been traumatized, some of that trauma enters her body. When executives are forced to lay off good people with kids in school and mortgages to carry, the pain they feel doesn't go away because it was a necessary and rational business decision. That pain gets stored in the body, like the toxin it is.

Dedicated people are at their workplaces almost more than they are anywhere else during their waking hours. You and those around you at work sometimes need more than good coaching or a new management skill. Sometimes people need space in which to renew their bodies, minds, and spirits. They need to heal.

LTG is committed to creating a restorative space through all of its facilitations and trainings. LTG also offers customized workshops that provide tools for managing stress and agitation, and for achieving balance between our personal and professional lives. Participants can reflect on the transitions before them, renew their entire selves, and return to the demands of the day replenished and open to what lies ahead.

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